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Niccolò Izzo

Lead Compiler Engineer
N. Izzo received its Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering (cum laude) in 2017 from Politecnico di Milano (Italy), his thesis work was published as “Software-only Reverse Engineering of Physical (DRAM) Mappings for Rowhammer Attacks” (Costa Brava, Spain, IEEE, 2018).
He is currently pursuing a PhD at Politecnico di Milano and is enrolled in an Internship at Micron, Vimercate, Italy. His research interests revolve around hardware and software computer security, with a focus on secure storage architectures. He developed the Qualcomm:registered: HexagonTM frontend for the QEMU emulator with rev.ng Srls. He published “A secure and authenticated host- to-memory communication interface.” (Alghero, Italy, ACM, 2019), “64Key: A Mesh-based Collaborative Platform” (Shenzhen, China, ACM, 2018) and “ABBOT: a smart toy motivating children to become outdoor explorers” (Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy, ACM, 2018). Lastly, he filed the patent “Bus encryption for non-volatile memories” (2018-1472.00/PC).